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Weight Loss Chart for Diet and Healthy Life

weight loss chart

To keep fit and healthy body, everybody should follow a weight loss chart. But keep in mind that you will not loss weight only by the following the diet, you have to do some workout at the same time. Both are important. A healthy diet is for reducing calories and workout is for burning them.

Obesity is now a common physical problem of all ages. It is now a big challenge to keep fit. Why challenge? Because we are living in a fast world with yummy and delicious fast food. The fast foods are very hard to reject. The result is a big fat body, and this body invites all disease that is incurable like a disease, heart problem, etc. so it is very important to stay fit and healthy.

So, come with me on this weight loss journey. In this journey, you will learn all about weight loss chart for diet.

So, let’s read about weight loss chart for diet

A diet chart will help you to understand how much calories you have to take and burn. You will lead a healthy disciplined lifestyle. But the diet chart must be prescribed by a professional nutritionist on the base of your age, weight, and height. Also, you have to know all the medical history about your body before going to a diet chart.

Let me tell about myself. I was a big fat girl in my school. I suffered many humiliations. One day it crosses all the limits, and I was getting ready to suicide. Thank god, my friend came and saved me. She gave me motivation and encouraged me to follow a diet chart. After three months, I turned into the most beautiful and fit girl in school. It is not easy but also not impossible to lose some weight.

Here I have shared a simple and authorized diet chart for losing some fat. You can add or delete yours prefer food which is low fat and rich in fibers. But make sure to consult with your nutritionist before starting the chart.

Weight loss chart for full day

Morning (6:00 – 8:00 am):

It is best to start the morning with some workouts. This will help you lose some calories and keep you fresh all day long. After exercise, you can enjoy a coffee with low-fat milk and biscuit which are rich in fiber.  You can also have cereal.

Snacks (10:00 – 11:30 am):

There is a misconception about losing weight. That is, you can lose your fat by keeping hungry. But it is not a great idea to stay hungry because you eat twice when you can’t tolerate for long. The best thing to do is take little food when you are hungry. Like before launch you may get hungry. Take some fresh fruits. You will get vitamin and mineral from fruits.

Lunch (12:30 – 2:00 p.m.):

Try to treat yourself with the healthy but light launch. This will help you to get low calories and fat. You can eat a tuna sandwich and fruit salad. Best thing is to drink water 20 minutes before launch. This will help you to eat less.

Evening (5:00 – 6:00 p.m.):

Avoid sugar and drinks during taking snacks. Take some light snacks with coffee. You can try Toast with avocado and red pepper flakes.

Dinner (8:00 – 9:00 p.m.):

Drink water before 15 minutes’ dinner. Then go for Chicken noodle soup in dinner. This light but healthy dinner will give you refresh and a good night sleep.

Midnight snack (11:00 – 11:30 p.m.):

You can have fruits in this time.

It was a simple chart for weight loss. You can add or remove any item per your choice.

Why follow a diet chart

Lose weight:

The most important part of a diet chart is you will get to your destination. You will get your desired weight and body if you follow the chart with dedication. AT first, it will be hard; gradually you can control your eating habits easily.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

As you are in the healthy food, you will enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You will feel active and fresh when you have healthy food. Also, you will stay healthy for a long time without facing any medical problem.


You will be introducing to the nutrition of all food you are having for losing weight. The nutrition helps your metabolism to be active. You can add more nutrition to your diet chart.

Independence to set your diet chart:

As I said diet, the chart is not for all. You have to follow diet chart as your body can observe. Some can follow a crush diet; some can follow seven days’ diet chart and some ten days’ diet chart. But long time diet plan is advisable. Because these crush diet may hamper your health. Try to follow a healthy long time diet chart with exercise.

Learning about healthy foods:

The diet chart helps you to learn about healthy food, low fat, low-calorie food. You can gather information about food and customize your diet chart.

Balanced Diet:

A diet chart is a combination of six important nutrients of food. They are carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, fibers and proteins.

Sound health:

You will have a healthy body when you are in a diet chart. You will feel the difference.

Weight loss chart is not so simple as it seems. It requires a lot of dedication and patience. But it is not impossible to follow. If you have strong will power, then you can reach your destination easily. While following a diet chart make sure to have a medical checkup as your health having any problem in consuming the foods you are having for losing weight.

Our Words

Finally, while following a diet chart just do some exercise, treat yourself to small meals in intervals, try to maintain calorie is consistent daily and avoid sugar and fast food. These simple steps will keep you healthy and active for a long time. So, try to maintain the diet chart and lead a healthy life.

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