Self Shoulder Massage Techniques and Tips

Shoulder Massage Techniques

Shoulder massage is very useful to reduce for shoulder pain. Self Shoulder Massage Techniques can give you much comfort if you have any pain in the shoulder or neck area. Many of us are suffering from tension in our shoulders. Bad positions of work and sleeping, carrying heavy things can cause shoulder pain.

In order to get rid of this pain with your fingers you can do the self-massage. The self-massage exercises are very simple and right to eases tensions gently.

Shoulder Massage Techniques and Tips

You can follow some tips to do the self shoulder massage techniques. The tips are easy to follow. So, the beginner can do the self-massage easily.

Tips one:

Keep your hand back on the shoulder close the neck. Then squeeze the muscles of the shoulder with the finger and thumbs of your hands. Do it the both sides of the spine. Then roll the head forwards slowly and squeeze the skins. Hold your stretch for a few seconds and then return your head to the upright position.

Tips Two:

Now stroke the hands up and then down the shoulder’s warm area. Then use the fingers and make a deep and circular pressures on this area and make sure that you feel relax.

Tips Three:

Keep your left hand on the right shoulder and then start to squeeze the muscle. Slowly rotate the shoulder backward. If you hear a grinding noise, stop to squeeze the muscles. Repeat it to the left shoulder.

Tips Four:

Place your hands below the collar bone. Then press the shoulders firmly but slowly. Repeat it for 5 to 6 times on each side. If you see in the mirror, you will notice the vertical part of the neck side. Place your fingers across the back of this place on the opposite sides. Use the right four fingers to do the left side massage. Apply pressure along the muscles. It is a good technique of the self-shoulder massage.

Tips Six:

If you do hard work with heavy things, it will overstretch the rhomboids which cause the muscular discomfort or pain. In this case, you can use tennis or a golf ball in this area where you cannot reach normally. Now seat on a chair with back support or stand on beside of a wall. Then place a ball between the chair and upper-back area. After that, shift your body around and roll the ball until the ball goes to the inner shoulder blade. Apply some pressure gently.

Tips Seven:

Enlarge your left shoulder with the right hand. It will bring fresh blood to the shoulder. Then support the right elbow with the left hand easily. Then loose the wrist. Repeat it on the right shoulder.

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Benefits of Shoulder Massage Techniques

Shoulder pain is common to the people. It can affect the people of all ages. Improper position of sleep and heavy work are some of the reasons for pain in the shoulder and neck area. But the pain is removable by the massage and some exercises. After a long day hard work, you can massage your shoulders yourself to get relief from shoulder pain. Here I am describing some benefits of self shoulder massage techniques.

1. Reduces pain

It is not good for us to take pain killers to get rid of shoulder pain. Pain killers also affect our kidney. In this case, a self-shoulder and neck massage can relief us from the pains and aches naturally.

2. Provide comfort for the hard-reach-area

There are some techniques of self-shoulder massage which allow you to massage the unreached areas such as shoulder blade areas.

3. Reduces stress

Massaging the shoulders will provide you much comfortable and relief from stress. Because stress will reduce your concentration and make you tired to work.

5. Make the stiff muscles flexible

If your body contains much lactic acid, the muscles can be stiffed. In this case, a good self- massage can help you to decrease the toxin and increases the circulation of blood to the massaged area.

6. Save time and money

If you can do a self-shoulder massage yourself, it will save your money because you need not go to a therapist. A massage expert will cost you much. It also saves your time because you can do it whenever you get time.

Final Words

A self-shoulder massage is suitable for all the people. A busy man such as office worker, homemakers, elder people, who is suffering from low blood circulation in the shoulder areas can do this massage. The neck massager will provide a great relaxation and improve your lymph system functioning. So, try to learn how to do Shoulder Massage Techniques and apply it yourself to keep your body fit and healthy.

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