Pure Wave CM7 Review: Pros and Cons

PureWave CM7 Review

PureWave CM7 is one of the leading cordless massage technologies in the time now. There are many reasons people like this massage machine too much. If you are looking for a good kind of massaging tool for back or muscle pain relief, go straight for the best handheld electric massagers. Now our Pure Wave CM7 Review will help to understand why you need this massager.

Okay, let’s talk to the point. When you have options to get a full body massage sitting at home then why spend so much on expensive spas or massage parlors. The massager is easily usable for your foot, legs, neck, back, shoulders and any parts of your body. Without anyone’s help you can do it by yourself and get rid of those stupid pains.

In detail, it has a sleek and curvy design for easy handling. Wherever you go, you can take it in your travel bag. Besides, it has no cord related issues as it comes with a built-in li-ion battery. The Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager is rechargeable so you will not have to worry about the short cords or tangle. All these make your massaging process seamless.

About Pure Wave CM7

PureWave CM07 Massager is one of the best sellers in the current market. If you are living in a hurry and need a device that has merely everything then go for it. Above all, it is great for use on areas such as feet, legs, back and neck. It has innovative slim design and comes with an extra long handle for hard to reach areas. So you must try once this multi-functional self-massager.

No product should buy without digging the features and advantage actually; you are getting from the product. Thereby you should always care for what you demand. That is to say, a product could be good for others but until it doesn’t cover your need it can’t be good for you. In view of the fact I find it superior enough to bring the important features of the Pure wave massager with a little bit explanation.

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Benefits of PureWave CM7 Cordless Massager

Here is the complete features list underneath the pure wave cm7 review.

Easy to Move, Powerful Handheld Massager

The massager designed in a way so you will get the relief of your neck, foot or muscle pain within a short period. Moreover, this vibration mode works well and feels good on your stiff shoulders and neck while helping those muscles loosen up. Besides many people afraid of using, massage tool thinking about weight. In particular, Pure-Wave CM7 Massager is no heavier at all to hold with one hand. This is lightweight enough to wield easily with one hand even for fifteen minutes or so.

Good for Facial Massage

The next good thing about the Pure-Wave CM7 Massager, it holds an internal lithium ion battery. As a result, it will let you move on for two or three hours keep charge stored within the appliance. If you charge it from the main power outlet the unit will take about an hour for fully charged.

Dual Motor Cordless Design

You will be happy to know Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager has the ability to deliver both as a facial vibration as well as as a percussive massage experience. In this addition there feels no irritation or something like this because of the percussive massage will apply a stronger more powerful shiatsu type pressure down into the body tissue and muscle. In spite of rotating the surface of the skin, the facial vibration is good at much lighter operating mode for your face and scalp.

Give You Gentle, Soothing Massage

Have you experienced already all the body or facial massage  rather than trying pure wave full control massager then just try once it. It is the most powerful and soothing cordless massager on the market. In a word, it is powerful, relaxing and gentle. In individual, it has variable speed controller, which will allow you to dial into the perfect intensity.

Alongside its six different massage heads help you to select the style and firmness of your massage. In this regard, hold the control of those stubborn knots, muscle spasms, cramping legs, tight joints and stiff muscles with this amazing massager. However, the built-in facial vibration motor that comes in the end of the handle makes it more productive to use. If you want to use it specifically as a facial massage attachment it is a good choice. No matter, you can use it whenever or wherever you need it.

Amazing Air Cushion Stick

It’s amazing patented air cushioned massage head. The design makes Pure Wave versatile to fit with anyone or anybody areas. Because of the fact, it has superb air cushion stick. That’s why this is an ideal choice for users who like a softer massage pressure.

Even more, if there is anyone who extremely suffers from bed sores due to hospitalization this will give an immense relief to them. In some cases when the most massager’s wouldn’t allow you to massage areas like hands, feet, knees, elbows this will give you an advantage, though.

Trigger Point Attachment

The PureWave CM7 Cordless Massager has some essential attachments as like the trigger points. By way of example, the trigger works through penetrating deep into the knot with a thumping vibration. Do you know what the role of the pure wave massager here is? Well, I will tell you. Here it does release the blood flow in the knot and signals the nerve. In return, of that, the muscle can relax freeing the knot. With this intention, you have to keep the massager in the affected areas for 15-30 seconds each time.

PureWave CM7 Review

  • All you find it a cordless, powerful and rechargeable back massager.
  • The speed dial helps you to adjust percussion or vibration intensity as needed.
  • It is lightweight and has easy to reach design with an extra long handle.
  • Powerful percussion action technology to perform better.
  • Comes with six massage sticks to make massaging easier of different body parts.
  • You must have to appreciate its double head design.
  • Attach with easy to follow instructional videos.
  • Though maximum users voted it as the most lightweight body massager.
  • After a long time usage the rotator head might break otherwise, it will be fine.
  • As a drawback a few said about it causes plastic burning smell once turn on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this silent?
Answer: No, not silent yet not louder either. It’s all about pleasant hum.

Question: Does it come with its own battery charger or have to buy the charger extra?
Answer: Yes, you don’t have to worry about the batteries because of the charge lasts a long time. Just charge Pure-Wave CM7 Massager for an hour before you use it, here you go.

Question: Will this help if somebody has plantar fasciitis?
Answer: Yes, this will definitely. It will come with different types of attachments for that area. Hence, it will relieve the pressure.

Question: For a deep-rooted pain in bands/glutes area in the thigh, is the tool strong enough to massage it?
Answer: Yes, this is the most powerful handheld massager you’ll ever find appropriate of this task.

Question: How can I get deep into the muscle by just reaching around the back?
Answer: The massage head attachment specially designed for deep muscle focuses the wave of energy down into the muscle. So it is simple positioning the handles.

Final Verdict

For sports massage, this PureWave massager is just awesome. Moreover, the firmness of the massage head is great for hitting bigger muscle areas. You can use it to loosen up your cramping calves, stiff hips, and sore lower back and tight hamstrings.

Forthwith, this is very much helpful to prevent sports injury and speed up muscle recovery time. So as you know this massager is also perfect for people with diabetes. Therefore, our pure wave cm7 reviews will help to buy this massager that relieve cramping legs and improve circulation in the calves and feet of diabetes people.

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