Easy Neck Massage Techniques for Neck Pain

Neck Massage Techniques

To get rid of stiffness, there are some neck massage techniques. Pain in the neck is an obstacle of your daily life. It also prevents the ability to work. To solve your neck pain you may require a treatment which can be long-term. Massage can be a useful treatment to improve the neck pain condition. The neck and shoulder massager can massage you which will give you incredible relax. But the massage techniques should be safe.

Some useful neck massage techniques

If you know some useful neck massage techniques, you can massage your neck or others neck. In this article, I am going to introduce you some techniques. You can make the person relieve the stress and tension.

Massage Technique One:

Stand behind the person and keep your forearms on the shoulders closed to the neck. Keep the palms down to lie the fleshy part of the forearm on the muscles. Then keep your weight fall down onto the shoulders toward the seat. Do not push them and also don’t lean on his head.

Slowly move the arm down the shoulders one inch. Then keep the weight through your arms again. Repeat it for several times. When you feel the bony part under your forearms, stop the process. It is a simple technique but brings good feelings.

Massage Technique Two:

Now go to the side of the person. Then use your fingers to tip the shoulders. If you feel the shoulder parts bony, move the fingers towards the neck until you find the soft muscles. Then keep your thumbs on the neck and shoulder’s joint part. Put your one thumb on the other top to reinforce. Now press your thumbs to straight down. Press on the shoulder muscles again. Slowly press down and hold the muscles with the thumbs for a few seconds and slowly release the pressure. It is one of the best neck massage techniques.

Keep one thumb widely on the shoulder and move it towards the neck. Repeat it to five or six compressions before reaching the neck. After reaching the neck, take your thumbs back the starting point and repeat the same compressions to the same points. Then go to the other side of the person and repeat the process on the other shoulder.

Massage Technique Three:

Stand the back side of the person and make a C-shape with your hand. Then drape this C-shaped hand over the backside of the neck. Press the hand gently with the fingers and thumbs. Make a large circular with the hand. The movement is as like as picking a cat up and back of the neck. This technique is known as the C-scoop. Repeat the process again and again on the whole length of the neck. But be careful to the skin and do not pinch the neck skin.

Massage Technique Four:

Go back to the person and make cup your hand on the base of the skull. Keep one hand on the person’s forehead so that you can make a support of the head. Keep moving your fingers in a little circular motion and press onto the skull. Make eight circles. Move the hair with the fingers close to the center. Repeat the kneading action. Do it several times.

Neck Massage Tips


Self Neck massage tips

There are some neck massage techniques which can you do yourself to get rid of stress and stiffness. They are given bellow.

  • Lie sideways and keep a pillow under your head. Then gently massage your arm and the neck.
  • Hold your shoulder with the hands and move gently the shoulders up and down.
  • When the shoulders and arms get to relax, they will also get heavier. So make a circular movement with the fingers under your shoulder.
  • Clasp your hands and keep them on the back side of your neck.
  • Then squeeze the hands and press slowly.
  • Take a deep breath and move your fingers to make a circular motion around the neck warmer area.
  • You can apply deep pressure on the tension area.
  • Do the process for several times until you feel relax.

Benefits of neck massage

  • You can do the neck massage yourself at any place.
  • It will take a less time but very much beneficial for your health.
  • It is not only a therapy of pain and stress but also reliefs your shoulder, head and back.
  • Neck massage provides energy to the muscles and helps to expand them.
  • The blood circulation of the brain gets improved by the neck massage.
  • Relaxing your body and mind, neck massage keeps you healthy and happy.

The tightness of the neck can make obstacles of the fluid circulation of the brain which causes headaches. Neck massage improves the blood circulation and relieves the stiffness. So, to do the neck massage for yourself or your partner, you must know the neck massage techniques. You can do a neck massage at any place and it will take 5 or 10 minutes.  Neck massage gives you relax the whole body.

Things to keep in mind before neck massage

A professional leveled neck massage therapy is a result of years of practice. But you can find some simple and easy technique which will help you to make a neck massage. If the parson who wants the neck massage has much pain or has overcome a recent injury to the shoulder or the neck area, it is not safe to massage the neck. The massage should be comfortable to the person. The bones of the neck and shoulder are very much pain sensitive. So, keep your hands away from the bony areas.


To enjoy the neck massage, I will recommend you to go to the massage parlors. In the massage parlor, the highly trained massage therapists will provide you the massages. You can also a neck massager that will massage automatically for your neck pain. If you massage your neck at the wrong way, it will cause some serious problems of your shoulder, back, and neck. So, always be careful and do not try to do the neck massage to anybody if you do not know how to do it.

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