How To Do Back Massage: Back Massage Techniques

how to do back massage

If you like to have a back massage, you must learn how to do back massage. There are some effective techniques of back massage. You can learn them and can surprise someone by giving him the some relax of back massage. So, you need to take a professional training for high-quality back massage to apply the massage to the others. But you can also use the massager machine for massaging in your home.

Most of us like to take a massage from some health clubs. The massage will benefit us and it is considered a mainstream therapy by the medical professionals. Besides, the back massage will give you relief from the back pain and stress.

Requirements for the back massage

Some equipment is needed for back massage. They are given bellow.

  1. Warm and calm environment.
  2. A comfortable surface such as a soft floor mat or a bed.
  3. Natural massage oil such as olive or coconut oil.
  4. Some towels so that one can lie on and cover his body.
  5. Some Pillows.

benefits of back massage

How to do back massage

There are some techniques of back massage. If you follow the techniques properly, you can give someone excellent feelings. Now learn to do back massage properly.

1. The whole hand effleurage

Take the massage oil in your hand and warm it. Apply the oil with the whole hand. Use the both whole hands and start to effleurage. Then stroke firmly from the lower back up to the neck. Now apply some pressure and create a circle around and on the lower back for 5-10 minutes.

2. Effleurage with the hand’s heel

If the person needs deeper pressure then take both hands in circles and start from the lower back. Move the pressure circle outwards and then to the upwards and finally to the center. Then do it to the upper back. Do is for several times.

3. Use the reinforced Fingers

Remember that do not massage deeply on any bony place. The smaller area needs a deeper massage. At first stand on the other side of the person and it is better to stand on the right side. Push on with the flats of the fingers away from the backbone line. Do it for five minutes from the upper back to the lower back.

4. Stripping with the reinforced thumbs

At this stage use the thumbs and press deep pressure with the full length of both sides of the spine. But press less pressure on the neck side. Slowly massage the sensitive spots. Do this for three times of each side.

5. Used the Middle Finger

Use your middle two fingers and move them deeply and firmly either side of the spine. Start it from the lower spine and then move to the upward. Apply five frictions at each side.

6. Use forearms

Apply gentle pressure and move your arms closest to the shoulders blades. 5 or 6 strokes are enough. You should aware of the possibility of the back pain.

7. Trigger point release

Keep your thumbs over any place that the patient guides you where he has pain. Then pressure on this spot and increase it gradually. Do it for 6 times. Hold the pressure until the patient’s pain lowers to 4 or 6 on the scale. Then again increase the pressure and hold it. This is not so comfortable for you. The pain of the muscles and back will disappear.

8. Finish the massage

Apply the stroke with the fingers. Then massage with the hand’s heel and gradually use the full hands. That will make your patient feeling good. Then tell the patient to lay quietly for a few minutes.

back massage techniques

Back massage red flag

You may know how to do a back massage but at some conditions the back massage is dangerous. The conditions are given bellow.

  • The patient who is younger than 20 or who is older than 55 with back pain does not allow him the back massage.
  • When someone is recently recovered from any injury back massage not appropriate for him.
  • When the back pain getting worse.
  • Pain in the spine area of the upper part.
  • The cancer patients.
  • The person steroids.
  • The person who is suffering from significant weight loss.
  • The patient who has nerve related problem.

Benefits of Back Massage

There are some surprising health benefits of back massage such as it releases the stress and pain and improves the health conditions.

Releases chemicals to feel good

A back massage induces the production of serotonin, endorphins, etc which make the good feeling of the body. The chemicals also help to reduce pain. If anybody has pain in the lower back area, the back massage will reduce the pain.

Allow deep sleep

If you know how to do massage for back pain and apply it, the massage will give you much relax and the muscles relieve tension. It will help you to sleep deeply which is necessary to gain a good health.

Improve the healing process

After a long back pain, a back massage can help the tissues to heal and make the muscles tighten. It also improves the range of the motion of the body. The back massage also reduces stretch mark. It also increases the flexibility of the muscles.

Increase the blood circulation

The back massage increases the flow of blood and helps to bring oxygen to the every cell of the muscles. It also helps to bring nutrients to the major organs that are important for good health.


There are three types of back massage such as Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Hot Stone Envy. All types of massage will give you much relax and disappears your back pain. If want to know how to do back massage choose one of the massage styles and learn it properly. The Envy Massage helps to improve the overall health. A regular massage helps the body to get a high relaxation. This releases the stress and stimulates the body functions. SO, if it is possible, everyone can take a back massage occasionally to keep his body fit.

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