The Best Workout Mats In 2019

best workout mats

Are you looking for the best workout mats and a Pilates mat that is comfortable and doesn’t slip while you’re doing the Plank? Is your current yoga mat so thin that your knees feel the stone floors painfully? Do you want the perfect workout mat that will last long, be easy to clean and give you a satisfying round of workouts? Are your morning workouts not as effective or energizing as you wish they could be?

There is an abundance of exercise mats available today. But they vary in quality as vending machine coffee does from French-press gourmet coffee. This is a comparison of some of the mats available, for different kinds of workouts. Whether you are looking for a Pilates-friendly mat or a mat for yoga, general stretching or high-intensity exercises and martial arts, there is a perfect mat for you somewhere.

#1 Best Yoga Workout Mats:

Yoga mats are usually about 1/8 to ¼ inches thick and made from PVC, recycled rubber or natural materials like jute etc. You may be able to feel the floor through them, and that’s OK, since yoga has many standing poses. Yoga mats for Vinyasa need less traction than those required for Power Yoga. Mats for Bikram Yoga should have a towel on the surface. Click here To Purchase.

#2 Best Pilates Workout Mats:

Mats for Pilates are thicker than yoga mats, ranging from to inches thick. They have gripping surfaces below to prevent slipping. You want a firm, closed-cell foam mat that will allow a little sliding on the upper surface for some of the sliding moves in Pilates. Look for mats that don’t make you slip with sweat or have an accordion design that can buckle under movement. Click here To Purchase.

#3 Best General Purpose Mats

If you do most of your workouts at the gym, you may only need an inexpensive general purpose mat for floor exercises and stretching. These mats are usually around 24 inches width-wise, narrower than Pilates mats. It may be covered in vinyl for easy cleaning. General purpose mats are not suitable for high impact workouts like aerobics. Click here To Purchase.

#4 Best Mats for Heavy Duty Use

Heavy duty mats are for you if you want a home gym, where you can practice martial arts or gymnastics quite comfortably. These mats are so thick you can’t roll them or move them around a lot. They are usually meant to be kept in one place. You may also use these some of these mat types to place your treadmill, elliptical and other home gym equipment on. Click here To Purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What are the best Yoga and Pilates mats carpeted areas?

Ans: Mats made from special materials like HDPE (such as in the Lifeboard Portable Yoga, Pilates Mat) or Greatmats StayLock tiles made of soft, flexible PVC are best suited for use on carpets.

Question: Can I use all-purpose mats for aerobics?

Ans: No, aerobic is high-impact exercise and only mats with traction and non-slip designs should be used.

Question: Are interlocking mats good for hardwood floor?

Ans: Yes, interlocking mats are made of thick foam that absorbs shock well and good for use on hardwood and concrete floors.


Choose a mat to suit your exercise type and flooring. Remember that the best exercise-specific workout mats will come at a premium price when compared with all-purpose mats. But they will last longer, be more comfortable to use, and also be easier to clean. You will also be safe from injury by using the right mat for the right exercise.

If your old mat is falling apart, now is the time to switch to a better, more suitable one for your fitness routine. Be sure to read reviews, compare features and shop around for a while before you zero in on the one perfect mat for you.

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