The Best Neck Massager Reviews In 2019


In our daily works, we do so many things that make our body go through lots of hard work. These hard works are the reason that zaps our energy from us and creates pain and stress in our body muscles. From all these neck and shoulder pain is very common among mass people. This is not only a common matter but also a painful one.

There are many solutions to these problems. But if you want to give away all these problems at home then a neck and shoulder massager will be the best choice for you. In the market, there are many types of neck and shoulder massager. Moreover, some of them offer different kinds of features for you. These features are a different solution to your problem.

So, if you are looking for a solution to your neck and shoulder pain, we are here with a suitable solution for your problem. We have gone through many user reviews and other stuff about neck and shoulder massager. Researching many kinds of stuff, we came across top 15 best necks and shoulder massager. This is the place where you will find out the best neck and shoulder massager in our massager review.

Neck Massager: Buying Guide

When you want to buy a product you have to gather some information about its features. You have to be careful that your money is spending for the right item that you are asking for. You can’t just buy an item without knowing its’ service. We are here for giving you a guideline about those things you should consider to think before buying a neck and shoulder massager. Let’s go on.

  • Neck and shoulder massager are of various types. It’s important to know about the type of a massager you are going to buy. In the market, there are many types of neck and shoulder massager. Like: kneading massage, heat massage, shiatsu massage, vibration massage, etc. so that, before buying you should get an idea about the type of the massager you are going to buy.
  • Different people have different kinds of body shape. Therefore, you have to think about the size of the neck and shoulder massager you are about to buy. So that you can get the best massage that your massager can provide.
  • In a massager, there are many kinds of options that a massager can perform. You have to think about the need of your body and buy a massager according to your demand. Our budget is very much important when you are looking for the best neck massager. So buy a massager with the right features it contains according to your need.
  • Before buying the massager, you have to think that if you want a portable massager or not. If you want to move around with your massager, you have to buy a light product compared to other massagers. But if you don’t like to move so much weight should not bother you.
  • One of the important factors before buying a product is easy cleaning of it. There are more things such as color, design, style which is not much important but for the look of your massager, they are important too.

Why Should You Have A Neck & Shoulder Massager?

Neck and shoulders are very important part of your body. Most importantly, these are the most common body parts that take part in every work you do in your daily work. So, neck and shoulder pain is a very much common thing we feel every day. That’s why a neck and shoulder massager is needed for you if you suffer from pain in your neck and shoulder.

  • There are some pressure points in your neck and shoulder. The massager targets the pressure points of your neck and shoulder and relaxes them with a proper pleasure.
  • Some of the massagers are heat based. Heat is a very useful thing to make your pain fade away. A heated massage gives a perfect heat to your neck and shoulder that make you feel comfortable and stress-free. Some massagers have built-in heat functions which provide you the opportunity to adjust heat and make it comfortable for you.
  • Vibration massage with the best feature of a neck and shoulder massager. It gives immense pleasure to your neck and shoulder. These massagers are also able to give you a top to the bottom foot massage.
  • A perfect massage can increase the blood circulation in your neck and shoulder. It is also able to improve your metabolism. So that, your pain will certainly leave you and make you feel refreshed.
  • Deep kneading and shiatsu massage can give strength to the muscles in your shoulder and your neck. This has a unique ability to make you stress-free.

Different Kinds of Neck & Shoulder Massager

Your body can’t take a certain massage again and again. Some of the methods create another pain using a certain massager. So that, there are different types of massager in the market. They are:

  • Kneading massage
  • Heat massage,
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Vibration massage

All of them have different methods of massaging. They are effective in different ways to our body. So that, you should use them according to you therapist or massager recommend.

Top 10 Best Neck Massagers in 2019

#01 FIVE S FS8801 Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder Massager

best neck massager

Our first choice of the best neck and shoulder massager is FIVE S FS8801 Massager. The massager is actually a well-featured quality massager. It has heat massaging system which will give you proper massage. This heat massaging is very good quality. It makes your stress and aches go away.

There are 8 kneading roller in this massager. For easy control, this massager has one button for turning this On/Off. This massager has two directional massage system. It has a rotating massaging system. One button for turning this rotation on and off. You can use this massager not only for back and neck massage but also for waist, arms, shoulder and legs.

New Five Star FS880 massager has automatic on off the massaging while doing this massage. This makes sure the lack of overheating. There is an adapter for A/C current. So that, the massager ensure its safe use. There is also a car adapter. Therefore, you can use this massager in your car.

What we like:
  • Kneading heat massage
  • 8 kneading rollers
  • Bi-direction massage
  • Multiple body zone usage
  • Heat massage
What we didn't like:
  • May feel rough on back for someone

The machine is one of the best neck and shoulder massagers is our list. This has heat massage and shiatsu kneading massage. So that, you can have 8 kneading rollers and many more things.

#02 Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

best neck and shoulder massager

If you are one of those worried customers who are looking for a rest of your head and shoulder to reduce tense muscle, Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow is what you exactly need. Let’s have a look on the features and benefits and try to figure out the actual benefits of this massage pillow.

The Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow helps a lot recovering the fatigue muscles. Also, it reduces the body stress a lot. The feature that is designed for these two purposes is built in heating function. It comes up with the 8 different shaitshu messaging heads model. These allows a wide variation of head and shoulder position with 8 special sahistu heads. This helps a lot to reduce body and shoulder stress.

Apart from the head positioning, you can also control the speed and direction of this pillow. The Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow offers three different speed modes that let you enjoy as deep massager as possible. A 6.6 feet AC power adapter is what you get as power source of this electric pillow. The battery is UL listed and this ensures maximum coverage whether you are in office or home.

What we like:
  • Soft and springy massage head.
  • Over heating prevention technique is embedded.
  • Easy to carry and operate.
  • Massage head can be rotated clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • A 12v DC current supply is required.
  • After each cycle of 10 minutes, the power goes down automatically.
  • Designed and modified to massage acupuncture points of the neck.
What we didn't like:
  • It’s not cordless.
  • The connection can be little loose.
  • Can cause pain die to hour-long deep massages.

Apart from a few week points like not being cordless and all, people do love this product. It’s fill of features and can’t be a daily assistant of your healthcare.

#03 Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager

best shoulder and neck massager

The Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager is a massager by which any parts of the body such as back, shoulder, neck, legs can be massage. Here Lithium-ion battery is used which allows complete portability. If you are an office worker and you have a knee pain, back pain or shoulder pain, though you will not take any exercise, then you can use this massager to reduce your pain. For its automatic heat therapy, most of the people choose this product in their first choice. Let’s check the other features of the cordless massager.

The Cordless Shiatsu Massager has lithium ion battery which is suitable for both home and office use. Moreover, you can use this product in the gym. Single direction with it a reverse option can provide different session which is one of the most attractive features of the massagers.

The heat therapy is also available from this massager. In this product, you get automatic heat therapy system. To control the heat, after the 15 minute, this function will automatically shut off. With the help of heat therapy, the loose muscle of the become reformed and become the strength. All of the function’s quality of this product is assured by the TUV SUD. So, you can easily rely on this massager.

What we like:
  • Automatic heat therapy.
  • Single direction with reverse function.
  • Suitable for both home and office use.
  • Approved from TUV SUD.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
What we didn't like:
  • Not have multi-direction.
  • The intensity of massage can’t control.

I think these single directed massagers have enough function to cover your requirement. And if you set your mind to buy one. Then this product may be your first choice.

#04 Naipo Back Neck and Shoulder Massager (Cordless and Rechargeable)

best shoulder massager

Naipo is one of the best neck and shoulder massager in the market. This massager is very functional and very reliable. It is a very good looking massager that is also helpful. We have researched its’ all features and find out its magic capability of relieving pain and aches.

As this is a cordless massager its Lithium-ion Battery is very powerful to hold enough power for several hours of use. Therefore, you can take it anywhere you want with the massage on. This massager can give you an incredible massage because of its 4 deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes. There is also a 3D rotation massage rollers in this massager. It makes sure if the perfect use of this massager in your shoulder, neck and back.

Naipo cordless shoulder and neck massager offers you with advance heat transfer function that spread heat to your muscle. This function is very helpful because it improves the blood circulation of your muscle. In this massager, there is a BI-direction massage mode. So that it can mimic the massage style of a personal massager. There is also 3 distinct speed modes. That makes sure you to control the massage speed as your need.

There is an AC adapter for recharging up your massager. This also offers you a corded massage if you wish. There is also a car adapter included in the box, so that you can use it anywhere you want and recharge it anywhere. This Naipo shoulder and neck massagers’ size is 15.8 x 6.3 x 7.9 inches. It weighs only 3.3 pounds. Therefore, it is a perfect massager if you are looking for a portable one.

What we like:
  • Cordless Massager
  • Long battery life
  • Access to each features control
  • Easy to handle for anyone
  • 3D rotation massage
  • Heat massage
  • 4 deep kneading massage nodes
What we didn't like:
  • May seem strong for average person

If you are looking for a portable cordless massager that you can carry anywhere and have your massage Naipo is the best choice for you. Its shoulder and neck massager is very much strong and comfortable for releasing the stress and pain of your long tiring daily work.

#05 Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

best neck and back massager

Working hard in front of computer without any single break can cause you severe pain in the shoulder and muscle aches. So, you must the best shoulder massager for removing these shoulder pain. The rotating nodes of Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow along with other awesome features will definitely be a good choice of best neck and shoulder massager in the current market.

Tight muscles of your shoulder an back can cause muscle ache and back pain. As a remedy, the Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow has got 4 rotating massage nodes inside. You can customize your massaging experience by switching the massaging mode from counter-clockwise to clockwise. Such variation will also help it not to be boring.

A variety in the massaging style can be brought up easily. The rotating balls that are used in the massaging operation can be moved to anywhere. The 3D counter rotating balls are being used to perform the massaging task. Being round and soft, it can be a great fit for person who wants both performance and comfort.

It’s light in weight and easy to use. Thus it can be used on both home and on the go. All you have to do is just plug the power connection to an AC or C power outlet.

What we like:
  • 3D rotating balls for massaging.
  • Comes up with four(4) massaging movements.
  • Easily positionable.
  • Level of massaging can be adjusted between high and low.
  • Handed control with the chord.
What we didn't like:
  • The power plug is not sustainable enough.
  • Lacking of enough foams on the side.

After verifying the customer responses on the product, we would definitely like to recommend it to you. Unless you are careless about taking care of it, it will provide you months of soothing massage.

#06 Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

best shiatsu neck massager

Massaging small muscles of your body is pretty easy and you can avail a lot of traditional massagers on that purpose. But when you have muscle aches where you need to number a group of muscles all together, there you need something special. According to our view, Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is one of the best fits in such cases.

The massager has a good number of variations in massaging. So you can customizable massaging variation when you will do massaging. Single direction for précised body area, and auto reversing mode to massage wide body areas. You can also customize the massaging intensity by turning the heat on and off. Depending on the type of massages, both of the modes are good to go.

A unique strap design comes up with the Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. It lets you hold the massager easily on the back area of neck. A handy design to take the massage anywhere you want to. It carriable and a perfect fit for outdoors.

The nodes of Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager are not connected with each other. As a benefit, it becomes more flexible and easy to wrap around. Node placement is perfect to massage the muscle groups that are on both sides of your spinal cord.

What we like:
  • 8 deep kneading nodes.
  • Heat-enabled massager.
  • Two different massage modes.
  • Flexible strapping system.
  • Easy to carry outside.
  • Can be lowered or raised easily.
What we didn't like:
  • No handle to hold with.
  • Isn’t that much long lasting when used roughly.

Although the Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager have got some issues with the durability from the users, we still are positive about it. If you can handle it and take care of this o a regular basis, this can serve you with its best.

#07 Gideon Portable Shiatsu Massager for Back, Neck, Shoulder & Feet

best neck massager reviews

To become, stress and tension free, Gideon portable shiatsu massager is one of the best shoulder and neck massagers because it has multiple functions. The Unique feature of this massager is its reverse operation. For this reverse operation, Gideon portable shiatsu massager can produce authentic feelings when massaging. Most of the athletic person uses this after exercise or when they tired. If you are interested in buying a massager, then let us check the features of this product.

Gideon portable shiatsu massager is used for massage back, neck, shoulder, and feet. This kind of product is really helpful if you are in stress or tension. Gideon portable shiatsu massager works magically to free from this kind of stress.

The another problem it becomes loose our muscle if we are tensed. The heat therapy of this massager is a process which provides gentle warmth to the muscle to tight it. Multi-directional massage from this massager makes the feelings of real feelings. There is almost 8 directional massage found this product which is a good alternative of the human massager.

The massager can perfectly place any part of the body such as the neck, back, shoulder, leg etc. Moreover, you can also control the intensity of the massage by pressing the button. The reverse operation of Gideon portable massagers makes it more authentic.

What we like:
  • Perfectly suitable for nay part of the body.
  • Easy control system.
  • Reverse operation system available.
  • Multi-directional massagers.
  • Heat therapy available.
What we didn't like:
  • In the leg, this massage is not placed perfectly.
  • Heat therapy function is not up to the mark.

The kind of product is a suitable for the athletic person. If they become tired, then get relief by using this kind of massagers. This is really a quality product. If you need one, it will be good decision to buy this one.

#08 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager by Belmint

best massager for shoulder

When you need a massager that will keep you stress and pain-free, you must look for the best massager available in the market. Belmint presents you a quality massager with some unique features that is very helpful for your body. This massager is an advance technology blessed massager. With the help of this massager, finally you can lay back without any pain in your neck and shoulder.

This massager is an array of four massage nodes’ combination that the Japanese use. It is a quality shiatsu style massage that works through your body and relieves you from any kinds of tiredness, ache, and tight muscle pain. With the help of this massager, you can have a massage in your neck, shoulder, and back. Belmint Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow is not like another ordinary pillow in the market. This pillow can massage deeply in those muscles where normal pillows can hardly reach.

Belmint, shiatsu has a heating massage system. This system runs for 15 minutes and stops by its self. So that, this pillow will not overheat. The massage is very good that spread a feel of relaxing all over your body. You will have an A/C connector and a free D/C connector with the massager. It also has a user manual. Therefore, you can easily cope up with this control system easily.

This pillow has sensible heat functionality. This means that you can change the control of heating as your need. Additionally, this neck and shoulder massager can apply gentle, continuous warmth to your tight muscles of the neck and shoulder. So, this makes is one of the best shoulder and neck massager in our neck and shoulder massager review. Auto reversing of the pillow and switch ability to control it is one of the unique functions of this shoulder and neck massager. With this massage mode, you can get relief from all your tiredness and pain in a small time.

What we like:
  • Japanese style shiatsu 4 nodes muscle massage
  • Can massage all your body zones virtually
  • Smart portability with light weight
  • Heat function is sensual
  • Auto reversing of the pillow direction
  • Deep massage to the muscles hard to reach
What we didn't like:
  • The motor lacks strength, but the heat massage is very good
  • Doesn’t offer immediate relief, you have to take massage for sometime

A pillow can change your massage experience. belmint offer you that kind of massager that has many quality features. In your price range, this is the best neck and shoulder massager for you.

#09 InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Shoulder & Full Body Massager

neck massager reviews

A physiotherapist knows the best way to relief your stress and pain of tight muscles. InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Shoulder & Full Body Massager is one of the best shoulder and neck massagers that is recommended by a physiotherapist. Its massage quality is beyond other ordinary shoulder and neck massager.

This is a cordless massager that offers you the best portability ever you have experienced. There is also an A/C adapter for using it directly with the source power. Additionally, there is also a D/C adapter for charging the Lithium-ion Battery of this massager. An adapter for your car is also included with this massager. So that, you can take it anywhere even when you are driving. You also can use it without connecting power source because of its heavy duty battery.

It can release you from any stress of yours and aches also. It has a versatile unit that you can adjust in all areas of your body. You can change the direction of its massage. There is a button for this. Additionally, you can have an auto reverse massage with this massager.

InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Shoulder Massager offer you a heated massage. With this system, you can get a very special comfort and relax feel when you are stressed. This shoulder and neck massager also allows you to control the pressure, of holding the massager with your body. So that, you can experience a whole new level of relaxation according to your wish.

What we like:
  • Best cordless massager
  • Instant relief from pain and aches
  • Heat massager with extreme comfort
  • Pressure control system for special care
  • Ultra-light and portable
What we didn't like:
  • It only has one speed
  • Very tall people couldn’t use it all zones of body

When a user is looking for a simple looking good featured massager, InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Shoulder & Full Body Massager offers you their best-featured massager. It is not very much heavy and not very hard to use. It’s a perfect choice for simple product lovers.

#10 Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

best massager for neck

The Cordless massagers are very attractive to the people who moves a lot. This is a portable massager and there is no lack of Brookstones’ brand quality. It is a heat based massager. We are going to have a detailed discuss about this massager in this shoulder and neck massager review.

The design is one of the most important reason that’s why the massager is in our top 15 best necks and shoulder massager list. Its design is very much attractive and compact. Brookstone presents a cordless massager that is attractive in look and quality of this massager does not require to describe. This massager has lithium ion battery that’s why you can use this while you are out.

There is an A/C to D/C adapter, so that you can recharge your massager. Additionally, Brookstone cordless massager also comes with a car adapter. So that, the user can use this massager while driving. In this massager there are eight shiatsu massaging nodes that helps the massager to massage deep muscles. Moreover, this feature allows the massager to remove pain and stress from deep muscles.

The user can lower and raise the massager to reach the right place of the body where you need to massage. It is very helpful for every user. There are two types of muscle modes in this massager. You can change this with a button that is with the massager. Heat massaging is also an important feature of the device. There is a switch to on and off this feature. It also has a heat rising and lowering controller. You can also choose the Brookstone Shoulder Sport Massager if you are a sportsman.

What we like:
  • Heat massage with kneading shiatsu massage
  • Control system of the heat
  • Easy switching
  • Compact design
  • Good at deep muscle massaging
What we didn't like:
  • Only one-speed massage

Finally, Broostone has introduced us with this special massager of them. The massager has every quality that you ask for. This is an average massager that can full fill the user’s satisfaction.

Final Verdict

You have been reading the best neck massager reviews. The reason you are reading this review is you are in need of a neck and shoulder massager. At this point, we have discussed all the features of 15 best necks and shoulder massager of different manufacturers. So that, you don’t have to see different sites to know any information about these shoulder and neck massagers. You can make a decision of choosing the best shoulder and neck massager from these massagers we have listed here.

Your demand may have difference than others. Actually, everyone has different kinds of demands. And we all have a certain budget limit. But people want to buy the best-featured product that is durable, good quality and good looking. Making all these conditions under our thought we have come with this best shoulder and neck massagers review with top 15 list. We can guarantee you that you will find the best product here. This review will help you to find the best neck and shoulder massager you are looking for.

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