The Best Foot Massager Reviews In 2019

best foot massager

Every day we work for a long time. After a long day of working, we feel pain in our body as well as our feet. Feet are one of the main organs of our body, and actually, they carry the full pressure of our body. So, they need to be refreshed if we want to make them for the next busy day. The foot massager plays an important role in this case.

They make our feet suitable for carrying the daily pressure. The best foot massager has the ability to give you perfect relief from pain. There are different types of foot massage as like as shiatsu massage, heat massage, vibration massage, rolling massage, kneading massage. Every type is so much helpful for your feet.

So it will be difficult for you to find a suitable massager for your feet. You have to take a look at every product and their features for finding the best one for you. Here we are for you, trying to help you with the useful information about different foot massager. We assemble for you some top rated foot massager available on the market. Hope our this review will help you very much to find the suitable one for you.

Top Picks 10 Best Foot Massager

If you need a foot massage machine, then our article can give you the top-rated foot massager with affordable price.

#1 HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

best feet massager

A foot massage is so much important after a long day of hard work. You need the foot massager for getting full relief from feet pain. Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager is best for some of its unique qualities. It gives you a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage which soothes and relaxes your feet. So, It is on our top list for some of its unique qualities.

The foot massager has got 6 rotational heads so that you can double the massage. So each foot gets three heads that target the mid-sole, heel, and front of your feet which relaxes your feet so fast. The heating option for it is perfect enough to give your feet so much comfort. It gives you the right amount of heat 18 massage nodes that provide your feet deep kneading when needed.

Homedics foot massager is manufactured from durable plastic, which is comfortable enough that you will face no difficulties in placing your feet on it. It has a toe-touch control button which lets you change the settings of your massager anytime without stopping the whole unit. Has led lights for notifying you that in which settings it is in.

So, now you about the qualities of this product. Homedics Massager can give you a perfect deep massage that will soothe your feet and also will give your feet a lot of comfort after a busy day.

  • It gives your feet a deep massage that relaxes and soothes your feet.
  • Soothing heat soothes your aching feet.
  • You can easily plug it into any 120-volt outlet. So you can easily carry them with you.
  • It is lightweight, but so much durable.
  • You are getting them at a very affordable price.
  • You cannot adjust the position of it which may fell you into difficulties.
  • It is not recommended to use if you have diabetes.

#2 RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine


Shiatsu Massager is always a very popular massage machine for foot, back, neck, and shoulder. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is another best massager for foot and calf, which has a selectable heat system. So that you can select the heat which is comfortable for your feet. It is a quality foot massager that has the ability to make your feet relax after a rough day of work.

Selectable heat system will give you a better massage experience. You can select the heat for greater relaxation of your feet. It also has deep kneading massage rollers which give you a deep massage for relaxing and soothing your feet. It also helps in blood circulation. Massage roller targets the pressure points of your feet and helps in relaxing them.

 Another feature is the Air compression system so that your feet will not get sweated. It has three automatic massage mode settings. You can select any of them using the soothe, energize, or pulse which gives strength to your muscle and also relaxes them. High intensity or low-intensity massage modes are available so that you can feel free to use a mode of your own choice. It also comes with a stylish and attractive design.

So we come at the very ending of this review. If you are confused that which foot massager you will buy, then RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine might be the best solution for you. It’s qualities made it one of the top rated foot massager among all. So I think that this review will help you very much.

  • Improves your blood circulation system.
  • Provides strength to the muscle of the pressure points.
  • Variable heat feature allows you to adjust the heat for your comfort.
  • It removes pain and relaxes your feet.
  • Also, fits large feet. So size is not a problem anymore.
  • Appropriate to the users who have high pain.
  • The heavy weight of it might be a problem to carry it.
  • No ankle is massaging with this massager.
  • Noise can make you feel disturbed, but this is negligible.

#3 MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is one of the best foot and calf massager available on the market. This Speed Foot Massager consumes most powerful electric technology that makes it the foot massager among all. It can give a deep and comfortable massage to your feet. We listed it on our top list because of its uniqueness and most perfect qualities. Let’s know more about its features and qualities.

Uses the most powerful electric technology which makes it fast enough to give you a comfortable and fast foot massage. It has 11-speed options which are adjustable for a range. The range is from 1000 to 3700 RPMs. So you will be able to select the massage speed. A rubberized footpad including an arch bar. The bars target the pressure points of your foot.

A powerful oscillating foot pad which helps in blood circulation removes pain from every joint and also gives you relief from muscle tension. It is the only foot massager that is CDA and CSA certified and also recommended by healthcare providers. It helps you to get relief from neuropathy. This foot massager has strongly recommended for the patient who has diabetes because it helps in promoting blood flow, which lessens the pain. Rugged and so much reliable construction which make it durable as well as comfortable in using.

So I gave you knowledge about this foot massager which will help you in deciding to buy this product or not. Forgetting a deep and fast massage, I recommend you this MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager.

  • The oscillation that the massager provides is strong enough to give you a feel of infrared heat.
  • Improves your blood circulation and also strengthens your limbs
  • You can use them even when your shoes are on.
  • Easy to clean this foot massager.
  • It is portable foot massager. So you can carry them with you from anywhere.
  • Vibration massage only, no heat massage.
  • The massager is heavy that can cause problems.
  • So much noisy product which can make you disturb.

#4 Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading

Miko Massager

Are you looking for the best multi-functional massager which can give you a perfect massage experience? I think Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best one which has vibration, deep kneading with the multi-level setting. The deep kneading massage of it relaxes your feet and also releases the tension from your nerves. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with more features with it.

There are two different modes of massage, and you can choose any of them. For getting a high-frequency foot massage, this massager has two strength modes. Infrared physical therapy which helps in improving blood circulation and as well as your metabolism. Rolling and heating provide you a 360-degree foot massage. For mode choice, you will get 8 independent buttons, heating, UV, Airbag press, time setting, Ozone, Intensity setting, and On/off switch.

Heating and foot reflexology gives you a massage with a comfortable heat and provides a soft foot massage. Ergonomically designed product for targeting the pressure points properly. The fabric cover of this massager is removable. So you can easily remove it for cleaning. For refreshing the air, ozone function is used. Have an automatic timer system of 15 minutes. You can set this up for 30 minutes.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with deep kneading is a foot massager with all in one. A perfect multi-functional foot massager available on the market. I hope that Foot Massager with Heat Kneading Shiatsu Rolling 3-D review will help you a lot.

  • Increases your blood circulation and provide strength to the muscle of your feet.
  • Easily fit into different sizes of feet. So fitting is not your problem anymore.
  • Release pressure from the nerves and relaxes your feet after a long day of work.
  • The vibration of this product is strong enough to reach everywhere on your feet.
  • Less noisy when vibrates and portable product.
  • A pricey product but it is worthy of it.
  • Massages your foot sides a little bit.

#5 Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Belmint Electric

The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager comes to you with so many attractive features. Belmint foot massager features independently selectable heat system, which gives you a deep and warm foot massage. So, It can relax your feet after a long day of hard work. There are many features in Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager. Let’s know more about this amazing foot massager.

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager features a deep kneading and vibrating motion. It helps in your blood circulation. Another essential feature of this foot massager is an independently selectable heat providing the function for better massage experience. It helps to lose the hard muscles of your foot and provides a warm massage. You can switch off the heating function whenever you want a shiatsu massage.

Two independent foot chambers help in giving shiatsu massage through all the main pressure points of your foot. The best calf massager has standard plug-in power, and its cloth cover is also washable. So, you can feel free to wash your massager’s cover. You will also be able to personalize the massage settings. For this, it has w/Soft-Touch Buttons. It comes with free standing stylish design and also with an LCD display.

So now you know about Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager. I recommend you this foot massager for a best deep kneading foot massage with a perfect heat.

  • Can accommodate the various size of foots. So no tension with your foot size.
  • Less noisy massager than others available in the market.
  • It supports five different massage settings.
  • The heat is not really hot but a warmth one which relaxes and soothes your feet.
  • Very easy to use and clean this foot massager.
  • Heavy product with 12 pounds of weight so you cannot carry it easily.
  • Its vibration cannot reach the top of your feet.
  • Works badly on the lowest setting.

#6 Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager with 18 Rotating Massage Nodules

best massager for foot

Beurer Foot Massager with Built-in Heat Function is one of the best massager for foot. If you want a comfortable heat massage, then this foot massager will fulfill your demand. Beurer Foot Massager has more features which we will discuss throughout this full review. Let’s know more about it.

Beurer Massager has two-speed levels with an intense massage. It gives a delightful feeling after applied. Heating action gives cool to warm. You will be feeling better than other foot massagers. It has 18 turning massage heads that provide extremely relax; deep kneading massage removes foot pain. It also Lightweight and portable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

The ground of it is made of mesh material, Looks so gorgeous and long-lasting. The Device dimensions are only 37.5 x 43 x 11 inches that are suitable to adjust at any place. Contains different massage options so that anyone can use their preferable massage option.

The device has two types of heat massage options, cool or warm, choose what you desire. Enough place helps to Adjust foot very easily. So don’t need to worry about foot positioning. Detachable fabric cover which you can easily clean. So, If you love heat massage, then Beurer Foot Massager is for you.

  • Adjustable pressure eliminates your intolerable foot pain.
  • You will realize a real foot massage Experience.
  • Heat function removes your foot tiredness. So you feel better relaxation.
  • Intense massage provides relax your foot finger and palm.
  • It is Suitable for sensitive feet.
  • Vibration strength is heavy so the first time you will feel odd.
  • To get proper massage experience, adjust your foot carefully.
  • Keep away from dust.

#7 Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading

Shiatsu Electric

Shiatsu foot massager is one the best foot and calf massager for those who want a shiatsu massage as well as heat massage. It gives a deep massage to tour feet and also helps in blood circulation. The heat of this massager is so much comfortable than others. Let’s know more about it.

The massager can give you a shiatsu therapy with a heated air massage. The heat of it is not really hot but so much comfortable for your feet. So it’s up to you that which mode you will use. Gives you a deep kneading foot massage which relaxes and soothes your feet. It targets the pressure points of your feet and removes the pain very efficiently from the points.

The vibration of this massager will reach from the top to the bottom of your feet. It helps in blood circulation and improves respiration. This product comes with a washable clothing cover. So you will be able to wash it. The foot and calf massager is portable and also very light so that you can carry it without any difficulty. It also comes with a stylish and attractive design.

So now you know about this foot massager. If you are confused about buying a massager, then this review will help you very much. If you want a shiatsu massage as well as heat massage, then this product is for you.

  • Strengthens your limbs and gives you a full top to the bottom foot massage.
  • Provides you the opportunity to choose between shiatsu massage and heat massage.
  • Improves your blood circulation and respiration.
  • So much easy to clean.
  • You are getting them at a very affordable price.
  • Noisy product but you can enjoy TV while using it.
  • You cannot set the pressure of the vibration.

#8 Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4

Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager is a multi-functional massaging device that can provide you the best foot massage. Kneading, rolling, shiatsu, vibrating, heating everything you will get from this foot massager. You can say that this is a full package for an individual who wants everything in just one thing.

A multi-functional device can give you vibration, knead, heat, roll, and shiatsu massage. So you are getting an overall foot massage by this foot massager. Targets the vital reflex points and sensitive areas of your feet to give you perfect comfort. Calf massage and foot massage can work simultaneously or separately as you want.

The massager works with three custom modes of massage. So you can adjust the massage settings as you want. For calf massaging, this machine features three types of intensities so that you can set the intensity of your calf massage as your comfort. This machine is controllable. For control, it features a handy touch panel on the unit. Detachable velour fabric covers so that you can easily clean it.

Now you know about this fantastic foot massager. All in one, you can say. Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager is one of the best available in the market and also on our top list. There are also more two products similar to this one: SUPER DEAL Electric Foot Calf Leg Massager and Giantex Foot Calf Leg Massager. You can even think about these products too.

  • It active the joints of your feet for giving you maximum relaxation.
  • Improving blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Simultaneously provides massage with all kinds of technique available for massage.
  • Stimulates the pressure points of your feet and releasing tension through nerves of your feet.
  • You have to adjust your foot perfectly for getting a massage without any pain.
  • The foot part of this massager is short and a little tight.

#9 Therapeutic Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Massager

Therapeutic Kneading

Therapeutic Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with remote control, three massage modes, and four programs. So you can control your massage settings and choose a comfortable one for you. Let’s know more about its unique qualities.

The massager provides you three custom modes with a suitable and adjustable kneading speed. So you can choose a comfortable mode for your feet. It targets each, and every pressure point of your foot such as toes, arch and sole of a foot and gives a very realistic massage experience. Operates with the toe-touch control panel, which is very easy to use.

Needs only 40W Power for operating which ensures you the best service but a less waste of electricity. The cover of it is manufactured with detachable Velour fabric which is so much easy to clean. Effective design with Red color.

I assure you that Therapeutic Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best quality machine you will get. It can give you a perfect deep kneading foot massage which will relax your feet after a long day of work. So I hope that it will help you to take a proper decision.

  • Connects another part of your body like tendons, muscles, organ, joint..
  • Kneading, Rolling, and massaging 3 combinations gives a comfortable therapy to your foot.
  • It shuts down automatically after 15 minutes if you don’t use it.
  • Affordable price with a perfect style.
  • You have to adjust your foot properly before you start massaging.
  • Noisy product but you will be able to watch TV.

#10 Medi-Rub Foot Massager MR-3F 2000 Plus

Medi-rub Massagers

Foot massage is so much important thing after a rough day of work. You will always try to find a perfect foot massager for getting full comfort. So I recommend you this Medi-Rub Foot Massager because it has two types of speed circulation and vibration. You will enjoy Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus. Let’s know more about it.

Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus has two types of speed circulation, vibration speed of it is high to low, depend on preference. Also suitable for diabetes sufferer and neuropathy. The vibration of it reaches the pressure points of your feet and gives you a real foot massage with immense pleasure. Consumes a powerful electric technology to provide you with a fast foot massage.

Heavy motor circulation provides excessive pleasure on foot. It relaxes your feet and also gives strength to your limbs. The deep kneading of this foot massager completely removes toes pain and heels pain. Works only at 110 Volts of power. So this product is less power-hungry. Marvelous Design of this massager takes attention. The weight of this product is 15 pounds. So you carry it anywhere you want.

So, we come to the very last part of this foot massager review. By this time, you must know about the uniqueness of this Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus. After all, a good product is our best need.

  • It’s two type speed vibration gives you real massage feeling for the not only foot but also your body.
  • Vibration strength of this massager is much better than any other foot massager. So blood circulation starts very first.
  • You can adjust your feet very quickly to get a proper massage.
  • Cleaning of this product is so much easy.
  • Dust is always harmful to this device’s motors. So keep away from dust.
  • The device provides heavy vibration but acceptable, so use carefully.

Foot Massager: Buying Guideline

Before buying a product, at first, you have to collect some main information about the foot massage machines. Because if you buy a product without knowing about the features of it, then it might be a waste of money. So there must be some buying guideline before buying every product. Let’s know about some matter which you have to take care of before buying the best foot and calf massager.

  • Type of a foot massager may be an important factor. There are many types of massage you can get as like as shiatsu massage, kneading massage, heat massage, vibration massage, etc. It is on you that which kind of massage you want. There is multi-functional massager that can give you all in one thing. So before buying the foot massager, check the types of massaging.
  • Size is one of the most concerning matter because if your foot does not fit the massager, then it will be painful for you to continue massage with this massager.
  • The weight of this product is important because if you want portability, then you have you buy a light product. If you don’t wish to portability, then you will have no problem with the weight of your massager.
  • Easy cleaning is one of the important factors. There are more things such as color, design, style which is not much important but for the look of your massager, they are essential too.

Why You Need a Foot Massager?

There is more importance of a foot massager in your day to day life. They not only give you a massage but also make you feel better and also relaxes your mind. Let’s know some benefits of the foot massager.

  • The main pressure points of your feet are foot sole, Toe, sides of feet, etc. A massager targets the pressure points of your feet and relaxes them with proper pleasure.
  • A heated massage gives a perfect heat to your feet that you feel so much comfortable. Some massagers have built-in heat functions which provide you the opportunity to adjust the heat and make it comfortable for you.
  • Massage can increase the blood circulation of your feet. It is also able to improve your metabolism.
  • A perfect deep kneading and shiatsu massage can give strength to the limbs of your feet and also make you stress-free.
  • A vibration massage with the foot massager gives immense pleasure to your feet and also able to provide you the best foot massage.

Final Verdict

So, we come to the last part of the foot massager reviews. By this time, you know about different types of the foot massager. Every foot massager of our list has some features that are totally unmatchable with others. For these qualities, we listed them on our top list. You will not get disappointed if you choose one of them. After all, a good product is your best concern.

After a long day of hard and painful work, your feet will need a massage that can give it so much strength for tomorrow. These foot massagers can give you a full refreshment and also release the tension from your limbs. Some massagers have built-in heat function so that you can get proper comfort. Some products are multi-functional, which means that they can provide you all in one massager. So I think that these massagers can match your requirements. You can surely go for one of them.

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