Best Exercise for Overall Health: List of Exercises


Best exercises to keep fitness body, the most valuable writing for you described here today. After a short 6 hours troubled sleep, waking up in the morning and exercising the body may seem a little out of the world. With so many diseases making their way to people, being a little mindful of what you eat and how you maintain. Your body is positively going to make you healthy.

So, you must the best exercise for overall health. That’s why we are sharing some list of exercises that you should do regularly to keep healthy life.

Best Exercise for Health: List of Exercises

Here is a list of exercises of the best exercise for overall health.

list of exercises

Cardiovascular Workouts

To get your heart pumping you need to have a cardiovascular exercise in the morning. The cardiovascular workout will get your heart pumping, balances blood circulation and also improves your air intake. Jogging, cycling, brisk walking can be the starting point. In case you can’t go outside for a warm up you can do the same at home. Spot jogging is a good exercise for the body.

Jump Squats

Begin with Jump squats, for which you would not necessitate your dumbbells. Squat down and push yourself up by jumping. You need to land back on your feet and lower into a squat again. Repeat the same process for 30 seconds. To have a good balance you can hold your fists tight in front of you.

Pile Squats

Stand with your feet in V position shoulder distance across apart. Lower your bottom towards the floor like a regular squat. Explode up into a jump as you stretch yourself. Repeat the same exercise for another 30 seconds.

Bicep Curl and Stair climb

Using stairs is always suggested and it can keep you healthy and active. The stair climb will tone your legs and the bicep curl with make stronger your arms. You need to have a flight of stairs in front of you. Hold the dumbbells in your hand and climb the stairs. You need to perform bicep curls along with the climbing. Repeat climbing the stairs and bicep curls for 30 seconds. You will feel the burn in your legs and arms.

Hip extension

This exercise is very effective and it will be help you to keep fit your body and stretch your hips and improves you balance, along with support your shoulders, legs, upper, mid and lower back. Stand in a straight line while holding dumbbells in both your hands. Extend your right leg towards the back and place your toe on the floor.

Push ups with Hips Extensions

This exercise strengthens the shoulder and core muscles. This exercise will help to shrink and tone your arms. Do a regular push up with your hands and knees (not feet). Lift up the right leg to the back and stretch it out as much as you can. Pull your belly button in as you perform this move. After tightening the core muscles, lower your chest to the ground till both the elbows comes to a 90 degree angle. Push yourself up and come back to your preliminary position. Repeat the same exercise 10 times for each leg.


Finally I firmly believe that, your body needs the best exercise for overall health. By concentrating on every part of the body, you will reap great results in just a few days. So, these list of exercises will the best for you. Enjoy this refreshing exercise immediately after you wake up. And this is the best exercises to keep fitness body.

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