The Best Elliptical Under $500 In 2019

best elliptical under 500

Elliptical machines can unleash “Next Level” workout regime. For those with busy schedules, the fast-paced nature and quick workouts of these machines will be particularly helpful. With these machines, people get to have access to everything from pulse readings to detailed progress notes,

So, you can use these machines as a way to track your journey from out of shape to fitness nut. Overall, few elliptical workout machines out there right now provide as much output for the price as a quality machine.

To find the best elliptical under 500 dollars on the market, it is not easy because many elliptical machines with different brands are available. So, we have researched fitness blogs, user reviews, and much more to find the products that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Top 10 Best Elliptical Under 500 Dollars

Editor Choice: Top five rated elliptical reviews and comparison table in 2019.

#1 ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

The benefits of this machine are the functional structure. If you feel like biking one day and doing the elliptical another, it is possible with this machine to transition from either workout. For those that worry about a crisp looking screen, the display screen allows you to view your workout without any difficulties reading. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is perfect for anyone who enjoys mixing up their workouts but doesn’t have room in their home for multiple machines.

During the colder months and you need to train, the beneficial target pacer allows you to continue setting goals for yourself. I think this is an appropriate machine for those who like to run long distances or want to train for races.

This inexpensively priced machine is versatile as it can be transformed from a recumbent bike to an elliptical trainer in 3 easy steps. Plus, it has a number of features that you’ll find quite useful. Let me go over them briefly for you

First, The Flywheel

The flywheel is 13 pounds which offer a quiet, smooth ride that will not disrupt your housemates. You will also be able to watch the television or focus on your iPod while you are to workout.It has a fixed stride of 15 inches which is not ideal if it will be used by multiple people varying in size.

Durability is a Plus for this Machine

The trainer is very sturdy, durable, and safe for daily use. Everyone, from kids to seniors, can use this machine without any problems or any discomforts for that matter. You won’t hear any squeaking noise or any type of noise for that matter

The Design is Impressive

The machine has a sleek modern look so you won’t feel like you have to store it when you have company over.It offers 16 built-in workout programs, and 16 resistance levels so that it can be used by beginners and those on an intermediate level.

Assembly Takes Time

Part Elliptical and Part Recumbent Bike—Total Genius.The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the really ultimate in fitness technology. For me, this one took several hours to set up but Fits perfectly your living room. your best home elliptical Machine

The Console is a Winner

The small LCD console and New Watts Power Meter allow you to track your progress and make adjustments if necessary. The electric console is also iFit Bluetooth smart enabled, which puts you in control of your workout with a vast workout library and workouts specially designed by famous TV trainers Chris and Heidi Powell. An extra-wide integrated tablet holder keeps your device secure and in place and at eye level so you can utilize it while you do your exercises. It also has iPod compatibility

Few Other Things

It does not have a built-in fan which should not be a big deal if you have an air conditioner or central air.The seats, pedals, and console are adjustable. The pedals are also cushioned to provide comfort and joint support during your workout. It does not have in-hand incline control.It is not small, and it cannot fold away so you may want to pass it up if space is limited.It is protected by a five-year warranty and 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty.

​Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

  • People can adjust the console as they please.
  • Pedals are adjustable according to stride lengths as well.
  • 5-year warranty is a good thing to have protect your back in case of damages.
  • You can exercise your upper body all too well with the handgrips in place.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Elliptical

  • This is not the machine for users over 6 feet tall.

#2 Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

This is easy to use the elliptical machine. If you are looking for entry to a mid-level home elliptical machine, Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine is fitting for you. It allows you to change up your workout with different programs, so you aren’t stuck doing the same thing. You can either take it easy or push yourself so you can exceed your abilities.

Heart levels are critical when working out and the benefit of this machine is you can find workouts that are compatible with your heart rate. Whether you want to focus on distance, speed, or time, you can track all of those on this machine.

Better Exercise with Ellipticals

Ellipticals are perfect for someone who wants to work out their entire body. The foot pedals help your legs, and lower body receives a full workout. The handles allow you to sync your steps with your arms. The full range motion helps you burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time. We try to do about 30 minutes of cardio a day, so the short time frame is excellent for me.

Less Expensive Than Treadmills

A lot of treadmills can run at a higher price. It is a drawback for me to spend money on a treadmill. I prefer to outside, and it is a lot cheaper than buying a treadmill. Though a treadmill has a lot of features, I would prefer to spend my money on an elliptical. For a smaller price, I can get the same features on an elliptical. An elliptical doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg as a treadmill can.

Better Workout with an Elliptical

I love to work efficiently. An elliptical can help me achieve my goals in less time than treadmills. The amount of time I can spend on an elliptical and make progress is better than treadmills. A treadmill is excellent for running, but it doesn’t have the capabilities that an elliptical has. For my money and workout routine, an elliptical machine is a better way to go. You can burn more calories than on a treadmill.

Take Less Space

A treadmill is big and bulky. Putting into a smaller space than an elliptical is difficult. I don’t have too much room to place equipment, so I need to be conservative. The elliptical is smaller, so that fits into my plans. Plus, if I need to move the elliptical around, I won’t need an extra set of hands to help me. The smaller elliptical is perfect for any home gym and is easy to move around.

Pros of the Schwinn A40

  • Provides comfortable and natural foot motion
  • Multiple workout positions
  • Compact footprint
  • Consistent workouts
  • Sturdy and will not rock
  • High-quality parts
  • It is quiet
  • Good stride length
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to read console
  • Stores exercise information
  • Excellent speakers
  • Audio cord to play mp3’s, iPods, or smartphones

Cons of the Schwinn A40

  • Parts may come loose with daily use
  • Can make a clanking noise
  • Arms can disconnect during workouts
  • The legs may crack
  • Arms may be too far to reach
  • Error messages continue the dashboard

#3 Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E616 Elliptical, which provides you with a cardio workout at an affordable price and in a convenient form, For many years, the brand Nautilus was synonymous with the NordicTrack. Much like an elliptical, the NordicTrack was a low-impact workout machine that could be used in the comfort of your home. Now you can see the Nautilus brand both at professional gyms and in homes across the country.

Nautilus has committed to providing the best fitness equipment around, and much of what they offer is easy-to-use low-impact devices. So, The E614 is a perfect example of Nautilus’ commitment to excellence. As far as durability, the E614 is well-built and has lasted quite a while. Overall, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use workout machine for your home, the Nautilus E614 is right for you.

However, what exactly makes this machine so special? There are a few aspects to look for in elliptical machines in general, which the Nautilus meets:

Technology and features

As new technologies spring up every year, fitness machines are increasingly beginning to incorporate new types of sensors, apps and entertainment options into their interfaces, providing new features and opportunities for users. If you are looking for health features, check for options such as heart rate monitoring, distance tracking and calorie burning that will allow you to customize your workout to fit your needs best.

For the entertainment aspect, the best ellipticals are fully integrated online through WiFi and Bluetooth, so that you can upload your data online and review it later. You can also utilize this to watch TV or listen to music while working out, as well as follow along with exercise videos.

Size and complexity

The size of the elliptical usually correlates with how complex it is: the more features you want it to have, the larger it will be. However, you should also look for a size that fits compactly in your home, depending on what kind of space you have for storing your workout equipment. Ideally, it should be small enough to form a permanent fixture without being too obtrusive – after all, you don’t want to have to put it away after every use.

Design and Quality

Whichever elliptical manufacturer you end up choosing for your final decision, make sure that the machine is of good quality, namely that it uses durable materials and won’t fall apart after a short number of uses. Some brands are better than others, with some even providing special protections against wear and tear from even the most seemingly insignificant of causes – such as sweat, which might corrode regular seat fabrics over time but which some ellipticals try to guard against. Another form of quality control comes with the assembly, which you can choose to do yourself or have someone do for you.


One of the many reasons people buy ellipticals is that they don’t want to have to spend exorbitant amounts for the gym membership, which can rack up over time. As a result, if you’re buying an elliptical, for this reason, you don’t want to have to spend too much on that machine either. Look for a price that fits in your budget, keeping in mind that cheaper may sometimes mean decreased quality, but that more expensive also does not necessarily mean better quality.

#4 Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike

You get an Elliptical Trainer, a Recumbent Bike and an upright bike, all in one machine. This trainer can be for the casual or the extreme with the variety of settings and programs. The Trio-Trainer synergizes the benefits and features of an elliptical trainer, an upright bike, and a recumbent bike — 3 functions and benefits in 1 machine.

The advantages of having a 3-in-1 trainer are endless. Combining the best types of low-impact exercising – cycling and elliptical training – the Body Rider Trio Trainer offers a variety of workouts that are easier on your joints than many other forms of exercise.

First of all, it’s 2 in 1

To maintaining body fitness, it has become a luxury today. And maybe that’s why there are products like the Body Rider Elliptical Trainer that provide the functions of a bike and an elliptical trainer while taking the space of only one.

The Body Rider needs no extra fuss for using its double features. It has an ergonomic seat combined with paddles and handles bar for paddling exercise. And then it has foot platforms accompanied with movable handles for using it as an elliptical trainer. Two types of exercise machines combined have formed one single machine that’s unique and versatile.

Ergonomic Use of Seat

Usually, elliptical trainers don’t have seats, and bike exercise machines always have seats. In this machine, the seat is a key feature. The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, making BRD2000 from Body Rider suitable for people of all weights and heights.

When you are using the elliptical trainer, you will not need the seat. But you can make good use of it. By positioning the seat accordingly, you can use it for resting. I find this really great. I don’t have to get down the machine and still take a break. This is actually an improvised use of the seat.

Stay on Track

It is a manual machine, but it is equipped with an electronic console that helps you to keep track of a lot of things. The console works for both the trainer and bike. The display shows trainers time, speed, distance and calories expended during your workout sessions.

The handles, paddles and foot platforms are designed in such a way that using the machine becomes easy and comfortable. Use it regularly, and you are sure to get results in a couple of weeks.

Satisfactory Construction

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer is made of steel. So you can readily expect durability and long-lasting use. To make your exercise sessions comfortable and dynamic, the Body Rider Elliptical Trainer is equipped with a knob that allows you to adjust the tension. It also helps to put a little impact on the joints. So, you can have safety guaranteed.

Moreover, high momentum fan blades are integrated with the machine. These blades produce a gentle breeze during your workout and keep you refreshed all through the session.


  • Steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting use.
  • 2 in 1 exercise machine – bike plus elliptical trainer.
  • Being compact, it helps you to save space.
  • Ergonomic seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.
  • Electronic console displays time, speed, distance and calories expended during exercise.
  • It’s Equipped with knob for adjusting the tension.
  • High-momentum fan blades produce a gentle breeze that keeps you refreshed during the workout sessions.


  • The machine does not have hand pulse monitor system that helps you keep an eye on the heartbeat rate.
  • Moving it from one place to another might seem troublesome.

#5 Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is another best elliptical machine under 500 dollars. It is always easier when you can use your smartphone. The Exerpeutic 5000 has more modern looking updated console and the Bluetooth Technology/Mobile Application Tracking. The price is reasonable, and it is packed with features, especially for its price, which means that it conveys a great value.

Along with the high value, you are sure to enjoy the convenience of the mobile app and the comfort on your knees and ankles while you are working out. Unlike other low budget machines, the Exerpeutic 5000 is extremely durable. The fact that it is higher quality and composed of solid materials will make you feel better about the one year warranty, as well. All in all, the Exerpeutic delivers a good deal for all exercise enthusiasts, experienced or beginner.

The Design in a Nutshell

Exerpeutic 5000 uses Double Transmission Drive to ensure smooth and consistent motion. This transmission system is made better by using 2 flywheels and 2-belt design instead of just one. This construction enhances the elliptical trainer’s operations by doubling its gear ratio and providing an increased momentum and smoother striding motion.

Plus, Exerpeutic has a stride length of 18 inches along with larger stride pedals. The longer stride length ensures full range workout, without the slightest feeling of a hindrance. It makes working out comfortable and exerts less or no strain on the knees and ankles. Moreover, this also helps to accommodate people with 6 ft 1 height. And the larger pedal makes exercising safe and secure.

Bluetooth App and Detailed Console

As I have already mentioned, the Bluetooth Mobile App Tracking is what that makes Exerpeutic 5000 so much better. Exerpeutic originally uses a minimalistic dashboard featuring an LCD with buttons to function the machine. And to take it almost 10 steps ahead, they have added the Bluetooth mobile tracking feature.

The Tracking app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and thus is compatible with almost all mobile devices. With the help of this app, you can keep track of all your workout details, from anywhere anytime.

The Exerpeutic 5000 is designed to hold your mobile handset or tablets over the console so that you can easily use them while exercising. Through the app, you can input all your physical details and create a table of all of your training information.

This console allows you to keep a record of time, distance, RPM, watts and Heartbeat Rate Control. Plus, 4 different programs help you operate 7 set of workout routines.

Multiple Preset Programs

The Exerpeutic 5000 Elliptical Trainer is equipped with a Programmable Computer that supports 12 distinct patterns. Along with these, there is the 24 Level Magnetic Tension System which uses magnetic resistance instead of ordinary resistance. The benefit of this magnetic resistance is that it works smoothly and makes changing exercising levels faster and swifter. All of this can be functioned using the LCD display or via the Bluetooth Mobile App Tracking.

Keep track of your Heart

If you have had a gym trainer, you will know that keeping track (so to speak) is essential during working out. And that is why most of the modern day exercise machines use different ways of monitoring your heartbeat rate while you exercise. Like most of Exerpeutic’s trainers, the 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer uses Hand Pulse Monitors that are integrated into the handlebars. The readings can be seen on both the LCD display and the mobile device.


  • Compact design takes little space.
  • Built in wheels make transportation easy.
  • 18” Stride Length ensures full range work out and little or no strain on the knees and ankles.
  • LCD Display shows readings of time, distance, watts, Heartbeat rate.
  • 12 Workout Programmable slots in the console.
  • Hand Pulse Monitors integrated into the dual action handle bars.
  • Double Transmission Drive makes operations smooth and fast.
  • Bluetooth Mobile App Tracking system is compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones.
  • 24 Level Magnetic Resistance System makes operating the machine swift
  • 4 Separate Settings for 7 different training modes
  • Built in Transportation wheels make moving the trainer easily
  • Weight capacity is up to 270 pounds

And now the cons:

  • Assembly instructions are not included in the package.
  • The machine has to be placed near an electric outlet.

#6 Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical machine is compact and reasonably priced and allows its users to perform full body workouts with little to no impact. How it manages to pull it off? Let me discuss the features and the benefits.

The Construction

It is made of durable steel materials. Although it is a cheap elliptical machine, the steel construction gives it durability. The parts are surprisingly well-crafted. Use it wisely and you will notice that this thing lasts longer than some of the reputed brands that people talk about so highly. I like the bolts and joints. These things don’t fall apart even after rigorous using for extended periods.

The Relaxing Fan

It has a built in a chain is driven fan wheel that is quiet and effortless. Whenever you do your exercises, you can turn on the fan to make sure you stay cool, calm, and collected through your session. The fan spins at a fair pace keeping you cool when you need it the most.It does not require electricity input to work

Innovative Resistance System

You can control the resistance levels with the turn of a knob as it increases or decreases the frictions of the belt in the fan wheel.An instructional video helps you understand the machine and use it to its full potential.It does not require electricity input to work.

Ideal for all ages and sizes

The digital console shows your distance covered, calorie measurement, heart rate measurement, time covered, and resistance level. Its solid steel frame can hold up to 250 pounds. The best ellipticals have a solid steel frame base that can support users weighing up to 250 pounds.I don’t have any complaints about Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer. It is a great price, easy to assemble and does exactly. So Easily you can buy this product. It is under $500.

Its dimensions are 57.7 inches by 20.1 inches by 35.63 inches, and it weighs 57 pounds. It is light enough to move around. It does not fold.

The stride length is not adjustable, and it is about 24 inches in length. The dual action handlebars will support your upper and lower body during exercise. The handles cannot be set to stationary mode.It does require some assembly, but it should only take an hour. It is wise to have it delivered to the spot in which you plan to use it. All of the tools required to assemble it are included in the package. The pedals are the most difficult parts to assemble.There can be some foot slippage as the pads are positioned on a downward slope. Wearing shoes rather than socks is wise.It feels more like you are riding a bike than using a stair climber.It has a five-year warranty

Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

  • Surprisingly well-made machine; the parts are calibrated well.
  • ​Assembly process is easy to complete I could assemble mine singlehandedly.
  • ​The cost is another aspect that I found reasonable than a gym machine.
  • Sturdy and steady machine with a great console that’s easy to operate.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Elliptical

  • Your feet might slide forward when you exercise on this one.

#7 NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer

As we march forward with my list of Best Home Elliptical Machines, let’s shift focus to NordicTrack E 7.0 Z that allows us to have a range of features and benefits. What are those? Let’s find out

Sturdy Build with Great Design

This one comes with a sturdy and well-built physic. You’ll be surprised to see that this machine holds up even with the toughest exercise routines out there. The frame can support people of all shapes and sizes. With the frame, you get a lifetime warranty. That will surely put you at ease and guard you against all the damages.

20 Resistance Levels with 20 Workout Apps

Feel like challenging yourself day and night? Well, you can! This thing has variable resistance levels. 20 to be exact. Now you can cycle through them without any fuss. Also, do take your time to find out the level you are comfortable with. These levels go well with different users of your family.

NorditrackTrademills do offer more than any average machine. That is why you’ll be having 20 different program sets as well. Using home elliptical machines like this will be easier with all these customizable programs. Furthermore, these programs are designed by an efficient fitness trainer. Trust me, I know a quality machine with top-notch features when I see one!

Back Lit Display, Heartbeat Monitor

We all like an elliptical machine that shows us what we are dealing with and how far we’ve progressed. NordicTrack takes it to a new level. You get a 5-inch display showing you calories burnt, heartbeat rate, distance you cover, the speed, and the time you take to complete your goal. One can also monitor his/her status day-to-day.

Target Different Muscles of the Body

Yup. NordicTrack E 7.0 comes with the option to adjust the incline level of the machine. You can adjust it to suitable heights for you. What this does is, it targets calf, abdomen, back, and other muscles of your body. Whenever you want to switch it up, try adjusting the incline to your preference.

Plus, you have the adjustable stride length of 20 inches. It supports tall people as it is. But one can further adjust this one to follow the natural path of his feet to provide better results of his/her exercises.

Get the Best of the World from Home

Do you know that NordicTrack machines are iFit compatible? For those who are new, iFit is a fitness tracking app which hooks you up with your Android phone and the machine at the same time.You can track your goals while on the go. Also, it prompts the machine to adjust to different roads and terrains virtually if you so choose. That is how you can walk on the roads of Paris or run along the African mountains while sitting comfortably in your own house.

Listen to Music

You can do all the above things and more while relaxing yourselves. This machine comes with an MP3 player slot that hooks up with your player. And it has its own player too if you want to try something different.

Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

  • You can adjust the incline level up to 20degrees.
  • ​Strides are adjustable too when you put this up for use for multiple users.
  • ​Console is super easy to interpret with iFit connectivity to save your exercise details online.
  • ​This thing is quiet even when you are exercising with full might.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Elliptical

  • Lightweight flywheel; no effect performance-wise.
  • Lower levels of resistance are pushovers.

Top 3 Best Home Elliptical Machine

#1 Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine is a fantastic mid-range model that provides just enough customization and motivators to make it perfect for both experienced and new users. How so? Let us look at the features that make it the best elliptical for home.

Backlit LCD Display

Nothing can ruin a workout, in the same way, a faulty or hard to use control system can. Thankfully, This Sole Fitness E35 has a beautifully intuitive backlit LCD display to make every function easy to use. Even if you are exercising in somewhat dim light, you can use these controls without any issues.

Highly Adjustable

To ensure you get the best workout possible, the Sole Fitness E35 has many built-in adjustability features. You can change the power stride settings,-It helps the seniors in the house to get a suitable exercise. Feel free to tinker with incline settings. It allows you to give all parts of your body a decent workout. The Motion Control allows people to get help with different methods of exercising at different paces. Even the high-grip handlebars and comfortable pedals can be easily adjusted with this model.

Monitoring Capabilities

If you want to make progress, you need the ability to track everything about your workout. The Sole Fitness E35 tells you how long you have been running, how many calories you’ve burned, and other valuable information such as heart rate status. Additionally, the elliptical machine tracks data over time, showing you areas you’re improving in, providing the perfect motivation for continuing your workouts.

Sound System

Motivation is 50% of working out. If you do not have the proper motivation, getting up and active day after day will become difficult. Thanks to the amazingly crisp sound system built into the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine, you should have no trouble getting pumped before, during, and after a workout. Simply connect your favorite playlist to the system, and get ready to burn off calories and build muscle.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

This Elliptical comes with many useful manufacturers warranties, which help you to feel assured about your investment. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame; People get the five-year warranty on electronics/parts. Additionally, they get a full two-year warranty on labor. With all of these wonderful services, you will be running on this product for years and years to come.

Custom Programs

If you are an experienced user, you know the benefits of customization. While the preset programs are fantastic for getting you started and familiar with your elliptical machine for home use, custom programs can help you achieve the exact results you want And faster than others too. Only refer to the easy-to-understand manual that comes with the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine, and you will be creating your own custom workout programs in no time.

Things I Liked

  • This machine is surprisingly quiet when you consider the price.
  • The flywheel gives you inertia based support for effective exercising.
  • ​20-degree stride makes sure you have a decent workout
  • ​This thing is a good “Entry-Level” option for beginners.
  • ​10 workout programs and Bluetooth function give you flexibility at a negligible price.
  • Well-arranged space keeps every necessary thing in proper place.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • You cannot download your exercise data with this home elliptical machine.

#2 Precor EFX 835 Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

If you are in for cross-trainers, Precor EFX 835 Commercial Series Elliptical is the penultimate thing I have to offer on my list of Best Elliptical Machines. This thing has moving handlebars, multiple resistance levels, preset programs, and a compact size. What more can you want?

The Frame is Cool

Nothing will feel right if you have a glitch at the beginning. I, being a person who likes to check thoroughly, pay special attention to the frame. Just to see how it holds up. Precor EFX didn’t disappoint. The frame is welded perfectly. You won’t have to worry about it coming off. Plus, the weight range for this machine is on the higher side. So, it can hold bulky people and not break.

To assure users even further, manufacturers placed a lifetime warranty on the frame and all the welds. Now you can be extra comfortable knowing the franchise is here to back you up if anything goes awry.

Resistance Levels Are More Than Satisfactory

They are! I mean, for a mid-ranged elliptical machine you get to work with 16 different resistance levels? That is great! One can set detailed fitness goals and follow them every step of the way. Not to mention cycling through these levels is really easy. With 16 of these levels, you can take your time and move up the ladder. However, the earlier levels might not be that entertaining.

Play with Eight Preset Programs

This is why I like these machines. These preset programs are set to challenge you in different conditions. They help you navigate through various stages of your fitness training.

Expert fitness trainers worked on designing these programs. So, you will have your work cut out when trying these presets. I should mention that people will have cool down or warm up programs in the mix as well. Just like the NordicTrack Ellipticals out there. Go ahead, knock yourselves out!

Ergonomic Handlebars Have More to Offer than Looks

Are you impressed with the overall design of this thing? You Should! Even the handlebars are sleek and shiny. These are not their only qualities, They are ergonomically designed as well! You will have a good time holding onto these things. Plus, they move. Comfort and exercise together, you will burn fat quicker than your competitors.

The back and forth motion of the handlebars allows you to switch between positions. So, it will enable Precor EFX 5.25 to target different areas of your body.

Did I tell you that you can adjust the ramp from 15 to 25-degree angles? It helps you to target specific areas of your body more efficiently. This machine trims down and strengthens your upper and lower torsos, hands, legs, and your core.

Trust the Patented Motion

Have you noticed the EFX thing in Precor 5.25? Well, it implies a patented motion system. This motion allows you to be comfortable even when under rigorous exercise routine.

This is what I call “Low Impact” motion. This machine keeps your heels in direct contact with the foot pedals. No matter how speedy your moves are, the heels don’t move. It contributes to predicting how much you’ll tire out at the end of the routine. Yes, you can guess your energy loss and calorie burning level. Plus, it reduces the strain on your muscles as well as tendons.

Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

  • This thing is well-built and has some handy perks when you think about it.
  • ​16 resistance levels and 8 programs make your day at the gym or home very challenging.
  • ​You have ergonomic handlebars; these help you in strengthening your arms while comforting you.
  • ​The ramp of this machine can be adjusted between 15 to 25-degree levels.
  • I am a fan of the “Low Impact” motion that tires you slowly while granting more exercise time.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Elliptical

  • I didn’t find any negatives for this machine.

#3 Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

With the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine, you may be paying few extra bucks, but you will also get a machine that will last for many years. It’s durable design, excellent manufacturer’s warranties, and high-end console combines to make it one of the most attractive products on the market.

Updated Version of the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine. If you liked the features of the Sole Fitness E35, provides even more amazing capabilities for a slightly higher price tag.

Excellent Console Design

You get access to many pre-set and custom user programs with the Sole Fitness E95, What makes this even better is the console where you access these programs. The Machine has a console design that stands out from the competition, and which features a backlit display that makes it easy to see your settings or progress in any environment. You can also monitor your heart rate and calorie burning process directly from this incredibly designed console. It is a more popular best home Elliptical Machine.

Quiet Drive System

Some walking machines are extremely loud, which can be exhausting for both the person exercising and those around him/her. With Sole’s amazing “Quiet Drive” operation, you get the same high-end performance, without tons of noise. This is primarily due to the high gear ratio of the product, which makes for an extremely smooth exercising experience.

Easy to Transport

The biggest thing that puts off customers shopping for elliptical machines is their bulky, hard-to-transport nature. Thankfully, the Sole Fitness E95 features four rear wheels, attached to heavy-duty rails, that make it simple to move the machine around your apartment or gym. These features also help to make the machine more stable, allowing for a steady and sure performance every time.

Built-In Fan

Workouts can get stressful and messy. With this in mind, the creators of the Sole Fitness E95 have provided a powerful and highly adjustable built-in fan to keep you from getting too sweaty or exhausted during the process. Home users will love this feature for comfort, and gym owners will love how this feature keeps users from leaving as much of a mess after they have finished using the machine.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Similar to the Sole Fitness E35 and Fitness E95 has excellent warranty options. You get a lifetime warranty on the already durable frame, five years of coverage on important electronic systems and parts, and a full two years of free labor for any operational issues.

Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

  • It comes with Touch Pulse Sensors that are on the handlebars
  • ​The arm bars move along the exercise to offer you a great array of workouts.
  • ​Supports many mobile apps for fitness tracking.
  • ​Connects with MP3s thanks to the port.
  • Connects with mobile displays as well to show workout stats on the display screen.Things I Didn’t Like about the Elliptical
  • People with short strides won’t find it too beneficial.

Things to Consider for Buying the Home Elliptical Under 500

Before making any final investment in an elliptical machine, you should always carefully consider these critical aspects of a product. If any product you’re interested in has stellar features in each of these areas, you have found yourselves the best elliptical machine that will serve you for years to come.

Pedal Design

For both your safety and your comfort, you need to invest in an elliptical exerciser with excellent pedals. Finding the right mixture of comfort, adjustability, and efficiency is key. Thankfully, this is an area that manufacturers rarely ignore. If you buy from any reputable brand, you are likely to get pedals that will stand the test of time. Always make sure you have the option to adjust the height That way, your tool will be good for all types of physics.

Console Design

The console is where the magic happens for an elliptical device. If you have a model without a user-intuitive console design, every workout will become a thorn in your butt. Having a console that is backlit, that provides a ton of information up on the screen at once, and that has easy to understand controls and menus is a must. Otherwise, you will spend half of your workout time just setting up your exercise plans and tweaking them without really sweating on the machine which is your primary objective at the end of the day.

Program Availability

The kinds of programs available out of the box with an elliptical machine will become very important once you start to plan your exercise regime. Especially for those just starting with elliptical exercise devices, having a wide variety of programs to get you started will help you find a comfortable starting point. Those who have tons of experience with this equipment, however, will be better served with a model that provides customizable programs. That way, you can find the exact workout setting that gets you the best results. Of course, you’d have to know your way around these tools.


From pedals to tracks, you want a machine that is adjustable and adaptable in its functions. No two bodies are identical, and for this reason, those who share this machine with family members or friends will particularly benefit from a variety of adjustable features that you can tweak and play around with it. Overall, pedal and handle height and resistance levels are the two “Must Have” areas that must be adjustable. If you find a product that doesn’t offer these basic features, skip over it and continue your search.


Don’t go around spending too much on a home elliptical machine. Make sure the machine you are buying is worth the price you pay for it. Make sure you have covered in case anything goes south. Thankfully, most companies provide very attractive manufacturer’s warranty options with their products. Never purchase it that doesn’t offer at least a year of labor for example, as specialized repair services can get rather expensive. Additionally, you want to aim for a product that provides many different warranty options on various aspects of the best elliptical machine.

Additional Considerations

  • Price Tag
  • ​Brand Name
  • ​Compact Nature
  • ​Transportability
  • Storage Capabilities
  • Amount of Resistance
  • Fans and Other Comfort Features

So, before buying an elliptical machine for home use, you should consider these things.

Final Verdict

I will say, you don’t need to worry because you can use the best home elliptical machine that can bring for you an excellent exercise. Ultimately, your decision should be informed by your space needs, and many features and adjustability you want from an ellipticals review. Those who simply want an efficient machine that will get the results will be perfectly suited for the affordable Schwinn 430/470 Elliptical machines, for example.

However, for the absolute best elliptical reviews out there right now, the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine is the way to go. With all of the features of lower-end models, plus more, you get tons of customizability and comfort with this model. Additionally, it features the best manufacturer’s warranties options on the market, ensuring that you will get used out of the machine for many years.

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